Overeaters Anonymous of Marin

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What if I don't believe in God?

OA is not a religious society, since it requires no definite religious belief as a condition of membership. OA has among its membership people of many religious faiths as well as atheists and agnostics.

The OA recovery program is based on acceptance of certain spiritual values. Members are free to interpret these values as they think best, or not to think about them at all if they so choose.

Many individuals who come to OA have reservations about accepting any concept of a power greater than themselves. OA experience has shown that those who keep an open mind on this subject and continue coming to OA meetings will not find it too difficult to work out their own solution to this very personal matter.

Atheist and agnostic OA members share their insights into the program and tell how they found recovery and strength in the Twelve Steps in the pamphlet named "What If I Don't Believe in God?". You can find this and other pamphlets at any OA meeting or purchase one online at the OA Bookstore.