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Dive Into Recovery

I am grateful I joined OA seventeen years ago because OA has been there for me all these years. I’ve learned how to turn my will and my life over to God. 

My first action in this direction was to commence at once with the Fourth Step inventory. My sponsor and the Big Book made it clear: If I took Step Three and made the decision, I would dive into Step Four. That is what happened. My desire to keep my life secret was overpowered by my desire to turn my will and my life over to God’s care. 

I remember the moment I made the decision. I cried as I felt myself surrender and move out of the director’s chair for the first time in my life. Miss Control had let go and let God. What a sense of relief I felt! 

Through these unknown waters, I had a guide, my sponsor, and a new source of strength, my Higher Power. My sponsor had me memorize the Step Three Prayer, which has helped me turn over my will and my life each day all these years. I also had a new source of strength: a Higher Power that I had come to believe could keep me out of the food. 

Step Three was a dramatic turning point for me, a catapult into the action of Steps Four and Five. Today I continue to act on that Step Three decision by using Steps Ten, Eleven, and Twelve to help me turn my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power. 

It’s a wonderful way of life! Thanks, OA! 

— Lifeline, March 2000