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Power of Truth

“Thank you”—two small, yet powerful words evoking appreciation and gratitude. Add a few more words: “Thank you for your honesty.” This is followed by gratitude, appreciation, and then the simple permission to breathe in the power of truth with no judgment attached.

In OA, the truths are usually about my personal struggle with food, emotions, and control. Before OA, I was unable to simply speak a truth and then soak in the possibilities of moving forward with a truth that had been disguised by years of lying. I lied to myself and others because the judgments that followed the truth sent me spiraling downward. Better to live in a lie and hold on to the low quality of life it offered than to be plunged into a hole out of which I never knew how to crawl.

In OA, we talk of the disease, or addiction, of compulsive overeating. No one would think to ask a person why they have cancer, either the first time or if the cancer returns. This is a big shout out to all those lovely people in OA who have provided me the opportunity to grow by simply responding to my willingness to be honest with a simple, “Thank you for your honesty.”

I am constantly reminded that applying intellectual practice to my problem will only get me to the places I have already been. “Why did I overeat?” That is my old way of responding to a slip, a slide, or a rollercoaster. This program is a spiritual program. Thank you to those who offered to pray with me, read with me, sit with me while I write, or take any of the real solutions this spiritual program offers.

— Anonymous, USA