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Serenity Ever After

I had many goals in life before OA: graduate; marry and live hap- pily ever after; have kids; work at a job I love; and be thin, beautiful, and popular. Did I achieve them? To the best of my ability I did, but not to my satisfaction! 

After I found OA, all of those goals seemed superficial. OA showed me what really matters and helped me focus on willingness and emotional and spiritual maturity. God gave me courage to achieve my earlier goals, but I didn’t meet him until I came to OA. 

Getting married is not a bad goal to have, but I’ve done it three times. That wasn’t HP’s will for me, but my controlling personality. HP did give me the right man seven and a half years ago, a Twelve Step man who led me to OA. 

I was blessed with a daughter in my first marriage, and one goal was to find a true father for her. HP gave her one with this last marriage. My third husband adopted her. 

Am I living happily ever after? If I trust HP and do the next right thing, I will live serenely ever after.

HP also gave me the courage to send out resumes, go to interviews, and be persistent, and then gave me a job that I love. What a miracle!

As for being thin, beautiful, and popular, I have learned being thin does not ensure happiness. I did achieve the goal of a healthy weight, but I am learning that, as we clean up our insides with OA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, our outsides become just as beautiful. I am learning that belonging, not popularity, is what I truly want. I thank God for guiding me to OA.

— Lifeline, August 2002