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Lifeline, OA’s international magazine, serves as an indispensable “meeting-on-the-go.” Since 1962, when the first issue debuted as the OA Bulletin, Lifeline has offered encouragement and hope to thousands of readers. Tucked in a purse, a suitcoat pocket or a lunch bag, Lifeline accompanies members around the world, ready to provide inspiration and support when needed. Print and/or digital versions available. 

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Recovery Adenture

Recovery Adventure I have been contemplating the words “Each day that we live well, we are well” (The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, p. 106), and how this works in my life. I have noted that the fleeting moments of well-being, serenity and sanity give me th Read more...

Surrender the Fear

I was appalled the first time I heard the Twelve Steps. Take inventory? Make amends? The Steps seemed punitive. But I kept coming back. I liked the honesty I heard. I took what I liked, the food plan; and I left the rest, the Steps. After a year of Step meetings, the Steps seemed l Read more...

Twelfth Step Timidity

Carrying the message has been very hard for me. It was difficult enough to admit to myself and my group that I am a compulsive overeater and powerless over food, and admitting it to my family was even harder. But telling other people? That was impossible. When others asked how I lost the we Read more...