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With Humility

Toward the end of June last year, I came through the OA doors with some skepticism and resistance, but it melted as I started working the Steps. I identi ed early on with the words “Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous. Welcome home.” I’m currently working on Step Sev Read more...

Recovery Adenture

Recovery Adventure I have been contemplating the words “Each day that we live well, we are well” (The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, p. 106), and how this works in my life. I have noted that the fleeting moments of well-being, serenity and sanity give me th Read more...

Here for a Reason

Before March 2014, my life was full of self-hatred, fear, and isolation. I took the phone off the hook and ate all day and night. At one point, I ate myself up to 323 pounds (147 kg). I had been in and out of OA since 1974, and I was desperate. I needed OA badly, and I am now back with a vengean Read more...

Surrender the Fear

I was appalled the first time I heard the Twelve Steps. Take inventory? Make amends? The Steps seemed punitive. But I kept coming back. I liked the honesty I heard. I took what I liked, the food plan; and I left the rest, the Steps. After a year of Step meetings, the Steps seemed l Read more...

Transforming Behaviors

In OA I have learned that if I want to stay away from my trigger foods, I need to first list specific foods and food behaviors that cause me difficulties. I have spent a lot of time being honest with my sponsor, my Higher Power, and myself so I could achieve and maintain abstinence. When I feel  Read more...

Steps to Peace

Nighttime brought anxiety and guilt over past mistakes, for which I relived events and feelings. Peace of mind eluded me until I thoroughly worked Steps Four through Nine. In Step Four, I identified troubling incidents and character traits that contributed to them. In Step Five, I owned th Read more...