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Lifeline, OA’s international magazine, serves as an indispensable “meeting-on-the-go.” Since 1962, when the first issue debuted as the OA Bulletin, Lifeline has offered encouragement and hope to thousands of readers. Tucked in a purse, a suitcoat pocket or a lunch bag, Lifeline accompanies members around the world, ready to provide inspiration and support when needed. Print and/or digital versions available. 

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Dive Into Recovery

I am grateful I joined OA seventeen years ago because OA has been there for me all these years. I’ve learned how to turn my will and my life over to God. My first action in this direction was to commence at once with the Fourth Step inventory. My sponsor and the Big Book made it clear Read more...

Grateful Dignity

Great Grateful for Dignity I first entered OA in 1990 after failing at various diets over the years. At that time, I’d gained back 60 pounds (27 kg) after a diet plus an additional 8 pounds (4 kg). I got the phone number for OA in New York City and was told where to find a meeting. When I walke Read more...

Will You Be My Sponsor?

I am new to OA, and I am confused. I hear about the importance of reaching out and breaking through isolation by calling people and working with a sponsor. But there are few people who indicate on the We Care list that they do sponsor. When I ask, they say they are not able to take new sponsees  Read more...

The Strongest Message

When I first came to OA, folks said, “If newcomers are ready, you can’t say anything wrong. If they’re not, you can’t say anything right.” It was true for me. It wasn’t anything anyone said or did that got to me, but a mysterious response in my aching heart. I also realized I didn’t have to Read more...