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Listen to your Heart

The normal feeling of the newcomer is either “I am home” or “I am in hell,” but it doesn’t seem to matter. We can make it with both feelings. Sometimes those who are the most cynical, stubborn, and negative hang around the longest to get the new attitude. Ninet Read more...

Growing Up in OA

No one comes to a Twelve Step program on an upswing, and I was no exception. I was overweight and felt certain foods were the problem. I asked my husband of eighteen years to move out; I thought he was the problem. I wasn’t communicating well with my adult children, so they were the proble Read more...

Will You Be My Sponsor?

I am new to OA, and I am confused. I hear about the importance of reaching out and breaking through isolation by calling people and working with a sponsor. But there are few people who indicate on the We Care list that they do sponsor. When I ask, they say they are not able to take new sponsees  Read more...

The Strongest Message

When I first came to OA, folks said, “If newcomers are ready, you can’t say anything wrong. If they’re not, you can’t say anything right.” It was true for me. It wasn’t anything anyone said or did that got to me, but a mysterious response in my aching heart. I also realized I didn’t have to Read more...

No More Rain Clouds

When I first came into OA thirteen years ago, I was in pain. I had a lot of work to do on myself and for my recovery. I saw everything I did as my rehabilitation process, and everything seemed very serious and heavy. After continuing in OA for many years, I was still feeling sad, and I strug Read more...