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Lifeline, OA’s international magazine, serves as an indispensable “meeting-on-the-go.” Since 1962, when the first issue debuted as the OA Bulletin, Lifeline has offered encouragement and hope to thousands of readers. Tucked in a purse, a suitcoat pocket or a lunch bag, Lifeline accompanies members around the world, ready to provide inspiration and support when needed. Print and/or digital versions available. 

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Will You Be My Sponsor?

I am new to OA, and I am confused. I hear about the importance of reaching out and breaking through isolation by calling people and working with a sponsor. But there are few people who indicate on the We Care list that they do sponsor. When I ask, they say they are not able to take new sponsees at this time. 

Are you afraid to sponsor because you think you must have all the answers? Please remember the desperation you felt when you first came to OA and share the strength of your experience with me. I am told I have the answers inside, but how can I find the way out of this fear without help? 

If you are committed to a plan of eating, you can help me overcome my fear of approaching a plan that can let me live sanely. 

If you are working to be abstinent or are maintaining your abstinence, you can understand my difficulties and can support me through the rough spots. 

If you have ever slipped, or even relapsed, you can share the lessons you learned and can help me accept myself while I regain my abstinence. 

If you are working the Steps, you can sponsor me through the Steps you completed. Maybe our work will encourage you to work the Steps ahead. 

You speak of spiritual experiences and your Higher Power. Maybe your connection can help me to find my Higher Power too. 

I understand that you are busy. I’m busy too. But I’ll bet there’s a schedule that can work for both of us. 

I am ready and willing. Will you be my sponsor? 

— Lifeline, September 1997