Overeaters Anonymous of Marin

Road leading to a farm in Point Reyes

Contact - Trusted Servants

Board Members

Position Name
Chair Kyra K.
Vice Chair Cherri K-B.
Secretary Ashley P.
Treasurer Rita S.
Region 2 Sylvia F.
World Service Mary H.

Committee Chairs

Position Name
Bylaws/P&P Manual  
Outreach Coordinator Natalie M.
Meeting Liaison Curtis G.
Rainbow Newsletter Jamie M.
Public Information  Bobbie C.
Retreat  Ellen N.
Special Events (open)
Twelfth Step Within Marcy D.
Website Keeley
Young Persons (open)

Meeting Representatives

Meeting Location Name
Monday AM  Corte Madera Curtis G
Monday PM 
Marinwood Jill S
Monday PM  via phone Betty Jean V
Tuesday PM  Mill Valley Marsha V
Wednesday PM  Marinwood Ashley P
Thursday PM Tiburon Kathy G
Friday AM  Corte Madera Laura B
Friday PM San Anselmo Roxanne
Saturday AM Terra Linda Mary H
Sunday AM Mill Valley Sharon
Sunday PM San Anselmo Pat H
Sunday PM Pt. Reyes