Overeaters Anonymous of Marin

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The primary responsibility of the IR is to represent their group at all meetings of the Intergroup, to act as a liaison between this Intergroup and their group, to see that all communications pertaining to Intergroup are made available and, where requested, read aloud to the group.

Qualifications for the IR

  • IRs should be selected for willingness to serve and commitment to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA, and should have six (6) months in OA and three (3) months of abstinence.   

Terms of Office for the IR

  • IRs shall serve for a period designated by their group, always subject to recall by the group they represent. Each group shall be free to designate an alternate representative when the necessity arises.

Method of Election for the IR

  • IRs shall be selected by the group conscience of the group they represent. Each IR shall be selected by any method deemed appropriate by their group.